Tuesday, May 8, 2007

'Desk Set' Philosophy

They can't build a machine to do our job. There are too many cross-references in this place.

The purpose of this machine, of course, is to free the worker ... from routine and repetitive tasks and liberate his time for more important work.

Now, for example, you see all those books there and the ones up there? Every fact in them has been fed into Emmy.

Now, what do you have there?

- This is Hamlet.
- That's Hamlet?
- Yes. The entire text.- In code, of course.

Now, these little cards create electronic impulses, which are accepted and retained by the machine... so that in the future if anybody calls up... and wants a quotation from Hamlet, the research worker types it into the machine here, Emmy goes to work, and the answer comes out here.

- And it never makes a mistake.

- Well... Now, that's not entirely accurate. Emmy can make a mistake. But only if the human element makes the mistake first.

Tell me, Bunny, has EMMARAC (Electromagnetic Memory and ResearchArithmetical Calculator) been helping you any?

Well, frankly, it hasn't started to give yet. For the past two weeks, we've just been feeding it information. But I think you could say that it will provide more leisure for more people.

- Thank you, Miss Watson. Thank you.
- Not at all. Now, is there any question one of you gentlemen would like to ask the machine?
- I have a question.
- Oh? What is it?

The spruce bud worm.

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