Monday, February 22, 2010

The Dalai Lama Officially Joins Twitter

More and more celebrity holdouts are joining the Twitter bandwagon. First Bill Gates started tweeting, then yesterday rapper Lil Wayne joined the service. Today, another famous figure has his own Twitter presence: The Dalai Lama.

There has been an @DalaiLama account for some time. In fact, a fake Dalai Lama fooled the media and the twitterverse early last year, which was part of what spurred the creation of verified Twitter accounts.

This Dalai Lama is verified by Twitter, though it is the real deal. Currently, the account is pulling albums and blog posts from his website and tweeting them via twitterfeed, though we bet you'll see real engagement later on. He also only has about 600 followers, but as the media picks up on his new-found Twitter presence, that will grow as well.

Twitter is simply one of the best ways for well-known personalities to spread their message to thousands or millions of people, but it looks like a conversation between Ev and the Dalai Lama was enough of a push to get him to finally join.

We look forward to future tweets from His Holiness.

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  1. Anonymous4:40 PM

    chad davis says...

    People adding their voice is important because today we have media organizations that twist everything out of proportion especially with political and religious leaders. Twitter is a way for them to speak to us directly without filters and blenders. We need more ways for messages and opinions to get out to the public without interference and control over what we have to say.