Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Computers in Libraries 2010 Conference - Time to Process.

This is my first morning where I didn't have to spend time fine-tuning a presentation and could actually try to begin processing all the information I have gathered while attending other sessions. Processing and reflecting, to me, are the most important components of information fluency.

This year's theme, Information Fluency: Information for Life, strikes a harmonious chord with me on many levels. On an emotional level, watching my three year old develop intellectually has truly opened my eyes as to what I think is most important in life -- discovery, understanding, and sharing! I try to emphasize the discovery process, understand and use content that is encapsulated in any format, and to be able to ethically and clearly share information and ideas. On an academic level, I see my students, patrons, colleagues, and myself skimming a deepening and more chaotic information stream and we aren't, in many cases, truly reflecting and/or processing it all. We don't need to process it all -- just become better filters. I am working diligently to teach information fluency skills so that everyone I am in contact with (including myself) can "read between the lines" and become more informed and become better filters. Everyone benefits!

Well, the keynote is beginning and I will return to this blog later and share my favorite things that I learned from CIL 2010.

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