Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Foursquare and C-SPAN Team Up for Political Education (Source:TechCrunch)

(Offering location-aware tips to help educate people could be huge for 4square, especially to help enhance field trips etc.)

C-SPAN is going geosocial with political and policy education through a new partnership with Foursquare that will be announced later today.

The cable network will have a major presence on the mobile geosocial network, starting with Foursquare.com/cspan, a completely customized homepage for the C-SPAN/Foursquare partnership. It is the central nexus for C-SPAN content, including official tips and information about the cable network's new Foursquare presence.

Tips are at the core of the partnership. In public locations throughout Washington, D.C., C-SPAN will offer educational tips about U.S. public policy, politics, and government. If you check in to the U.S. Capitol for example, you will be able to access a YouTube video explaining aspects of the Federal Budget. More tips will be added outside of D.C. later on.

The second part of the partnership focuses on the "C-SPAN Digital Bus," a virtual entity that will travel the country, providing tips and checking in at locations across the U.S.

Partnering with media companies isn't new for Foursquare Bravo, The New York Times, and MTV are just a few of the many with Foursquare presences. The C-SPAN partnership strikes us as both unique and utterly useful, though. Tourists in D.C. can use Foursquare to gain a great deal of knowledge about the lesser-known facts of the Beltway.

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